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Justin Hornsby justin.hornsby at gmail.com
Thu Apr 19 08:26:28 UTC 2007

Isn't it always the case that whenever somebody says "no offence
but.." the end result is people get offended?

So you've yet to see a UI design that takes your breath away.. how
many commercial DVRs have such UIs?  How many commercial PC-based PVRs
have them?  Not MCE that's for sure (if it does, you're too easily

I'm not sure how many professional graphic designers have rolled out
themes for MythTV but I can't count myself one of them - yet my themes
are very popular.  And *why* did I start making themes?  Ah yes I
remember - there didn't seem to be any that appealed to my taste (what
there is of it).  Goes without saying that if you think all themes
could be better, maybe you should have a go!

Mepo-wide neatly kicked all of my efforts into a heap for so many
reasons, but that's only an impetus to improve my own doodlings.  It
certainly opened my eyes as to what's possible with the existing UI

I tend to agree that the MythTV GUI does have a bit of catching up to
do with other projects & products but when all is said & done, visual
effects are little more than *fluff*.  Fancy animations can take time
to draw, time to clear off the screen & generally slow down the user
no matter how fast they are.

I'm just glad mythtv got its core functionality before having its
'face' done - that above all else makes it stand out from the crowd.
We should all be eternally grateful that MythTV isn't yet swamped by
completely useless, awful looking 'skinz' - WinAMP anybody ? ;)

Justin Hornsby
Creator of ProjectGrayhem, blootube and neon-wide themes for MythTV
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