[mythtv] Official Thread: Mythtv.org Redesign

Adam Findley adam at cs.byu.edu
Wed Apr 18 01:52:27 UTC 2007

Ghost Freeman wrote:
> I've also made a design mockup, basically its Chris's template with a 
> horizontal two-row navbar written in CSS2. It should load without any 
> problems in IE, Firefox, and Opera although there are some scaling 
> issues present I hope to stomp out soon. There's also a logo positioning 
> issue with IE5 I am working on.
> http://loliserv.org/~ghostfreeman/mythtvmock/newmyth.tabbed.htm

I don't quite see the purpose in using a two-row horizontal navbar. 
Does the top bar dictate what goes in the second bar? Are we really at a 
loss for space that vertical navigation is out of the question?  Are we 
really improving website usability by having 2 rows, of different colors 

It looks really nice, but I really think this is quite a big step down 
in usability and goes counter to intuition.

Also, why black and red when myth's colors are usually blue and grey and 

This design seems to make a lot more sense:


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