[mythtv] Developing database and program synchronization for remote frontend/backend

Subbyz subbyz at kinison.puremagic.com
Sat Apr 14 19:20:35 UTC 2007

On Sat, 14 Apr 2007, Rob Smith wrote:

> Replication is perfectly valid solution. He might need to putz around
> with a newer mysql and use the auto-increment offset magic, but that's
> easy enough to do and would alllow both sides do schedule recordings
> and have them sync up correctly and the like.

I considered replication, but there is still a master-slave relationship, 
and I don't think it would always do the "right thing" when there was a sync 
conflict on certain rows in a table.  Plus, that would also require a fairly 
new version of mysql, and I'm not sure I like that requirement.

I don't yet know that I particularily care about keeping the databases 
"consistent" such that recordid's or whatever match, I just want to make 
sure that changes in one are reflected in the other in a sane and safely 
syncable way.  Keeping them consistent might end up being the easiest path, 
but I'm not making that a design requirement, at least not yet.

Transferring guide info should be trivial, since it is only a one-way 
transfer, so I'll probably do that first.  Then I'll tackle syncing the 
recordings and related info, and deleting of recordings.  Then comes the 
more tricky part of handling recording rule syncing and previously recorded 

I'm assuming since no one has spoken up and said "Been done, look here" that 
this is not duplicating someone else's work.


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