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Colin Guthrie mythtv at colin.guthr.ie
Sat Apr 14 10:14:09 UTC 2007

Staffan Pettersson wrote:
> Hi
> First, i dont wont to step on anybodys toes, but my post might sound a
> little patronizing
> I have used mythtv for quite some time, it can almost be 5 years and i
> havent seen any major update for the gui in mythtv sins then. I
> remembered that i was excited when libmythui started being developed but
> to years has past and the only eyecandy so far is fading menu text. Itś
> not really impressive showing of for your mates :). When i started
> playing with mythtv it really was ahead of its time with the perfek
> server/client concept. But nowdays it feels like its lagging behind,
> maybe not in at technically stanpoint but user experience it is :(.

I reluctantly have to agree with your. Myth really needs some major UI
love and while I can state that fact I cannot unfortunately help do
anything about it which makes me sad.

I was always very proud of my Myth setup and while I still love it,
Apple's Frontrow and now Backrow is really stealing any unique thunder
MythTV had....

I really hope someone can really get the UI up to speed. Is there any
SoC projects that will really push this?

When you see some of the things beginning to take shape on the desktop
these days, Myth is beginning to loose it's edge... Just look at "Arena"
(a concept piece ATM)




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