[mythtv] Developing database and program synchronization for remote frontend/backend

Subbyz subbyz at kinison.puremagic.com
Fri Apr 13 22:56:31 UTC 2007

I'm getting ready to embark on developing some code to facilitate being able 
to support remote frontends.  That means when the frontend is not 
necessarily on the same LAN as the primary recording backend, but is across 
some less reliable and/or slower network than a LAN.

I haven't seen any info where other people have already done something like 
this, or where it appears to be supported by mythtv itself, but I may have 
missed that.  Does anyone have a pointer to info on others that have done 
something similar?

I've got an RV that I'm planning to put a myth frontend into, but when on 
trips, it's going to obviously need to be disconnected from the network 
that my primary backend is on.

So, my plan is to setup a non-recording backend on the same machine that is 
merely synchronized from my primary backend whenever the internet is 
available.  My intent is to use ssh and rsync for copying the recordings, 
and helper code to synchronize the various DB records in the correct 

I plan to support retrieving guide data and recording data from the primary 
backend to the slave so the remote slave can schedule programs and add 
programming rules, adding support to the db for tracking information so that 
I can safely and correctly synchronize recording rule changes in both 
directions depending on which is most up to date, and other necessary 
tracking info in the DB.

Is anyone aware of pieces that may already do all or part of this, or where 
someone is working on something like it?



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