[mythtv] virtual tuner via BitTorrent plug-in

Tom Metro tmetro+mythtv-dev at gmail.com
Fri Apr 13 19:34:27 UTC 2007

Rob Smith wrote:
> The legality of a project is a major concern for everyone involved.
> Now, as for your suggestion, it is entirely illegal and something that
> the Myth community has said time and time again they will not condone
> nor will they actively help out.

I think it is pushing the envelope, given the way our copyright laws 
have gone increasingly in the direction of favoring corporations, 
however I didn't feel it was indefensibly illegal, or I wouldn't have 
proposed it. (Apparently the BitTorrent developers have found some 
ground in this area that they feel comfortable with.)

But if this or similar issues have already been discussed by the 
developers and deemed outside the area of comfort, that's a sufficient 
response. Thanks.


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