[mythtv] Official Thread: MythWeb Flash

Chris Petersen lists at forevermore.net
Fri Apr 13 16:47:58 UTC 2007

Welcome to the official MythWeb Flash discussion thread.

If you have already read this part, please scroll down below the break
for more information.

First off, yes, I know that the Apache license "might" be compatible
with the GPL.  However, the authors of the GPL say it's not, and I'm
inclined to trust their opinion.

Secondly, I have no problem experimenting with or using tech like Ming,
OpenLaszlo and/or Adobe Flex to do this project (in fact, any of these
would be great).  I also don't mind using whatever commercial app it is
that the non-OSS world uses to design such things, but since I don't run
Windows, I'm more in favor of something that I can edit/tweak myself,
too.  It's also good to support other OSS projects.

Though I will be distributing the "compiled" swf file(s) with MythWeb
(making people install programs to compile their own SWF files is
somewhat silly), I want this project to be as open as possible, so
source files will be provided under the GPL (as a derivative work of
both MythWeb and MythTV).

I also do not need any help with the "streaming" side of things.  This
will be handled by mythweb or the backend itself.

There are really three parts to this project:

1. Simple audio player to play mp3 files from MythWeb's music section.
All the better if it can play ogg/etc., but if not, I will probably end
up writing some sort of transcoder interface to convert outbound files
to mp3.

2. Relatively simple video player, ala FlowPlayer or flvplayer.  The
main "new" MythTV-related feature for this would be the ability to use
the MythTV cutlist (slightly modified since flv uses timestamps instead
of frame numbers).  This would be embedded into the recording details
page (new in svn mythweb) so people can watch recorded shows
with/without commercials.

3. LiveTV player.  This would need access to a few of the frontend
features like changing tuner cards, channels, etc.

The latter two of these (esp. #3) require some help from the people who
work on mythbackend, and may not be fully usable until that happens.


With that said, if you want to work on this project, you will have to
upgrade to SVN trunk and check out the new MythWeb look and toolset.

I don't really know where to go directly from here, so if you are
working on this project, please introduce yourself and provide a brief
overview of work you have done with SWF, and what technologies (ming,
etc.) you are most familiar working with.


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