[mythtv] Official Thread: Mythtv.org Redesign

Chris Petersen lists at forevermore.net
Fri Apr 13 16:31:55 UTC 2007

Welcome to the official thread about the mythtv.org website redesign.

Fyi, what is below is similar to the note I sent out before, but does
contain a few edits and new info, so please read.

To reiterate, I am a fairly experienced web designer (I've been doing it
for about 13 years), and although I would certainly appreciate help with
the html/css/javascript side of things, I'm mostly looking for someone
with art skills (which I do not have).

I would really like to see the redesign of mythtv.org be able to spread
to trac and the wiki as well (unified header/menu), but it doesn't
necessarily have to do so.

You can see a VERY rough sketch of my own designs at
http://newmyth.forevermore.net/ -- I stopped working on this when I
realized that I would need some artwork.  I also have some mockups done
by Justin Hornsby (juski in irc / one of which you can see at
http://www.juski.co.uk/mockup11.png). Other than that, I like pieces of
the layouts from Gallery and Pidgin (formerly Gaim), although I don't
love either layout, and am not entirely attached to the whole "top and
left nav" layout, although it has sort of become the standard in web
design these days.

With that said, I have received a rather large number of responses about
this project, and since the best way to start these things is with a
couple weeks of brainstorming, I would like to see a mockup front page
from anyone interested in participating.  Just reply to this message
with a link to your design.  If you don't have somewhere to post your
design, please email it directly to me (not to the list) and I will post
it on my website for you.


Also, I expect that some of you will be tempted to redesign pieces of
the MythTV logo.  I do *not* know how Isaac and other devs feel about
the topic, but imho everything but the the grey "mythTV" text is open
for redesign (that being "treatment" rather than "hero", as some
designers would say).  However, since this is initially a brainstorming
session, feel free to redesign as much of the logo as you feel will help
your design.

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