[mythtv] Disable software encoder to record as raw video format

Jay R. Ashworth jra at baylink.com
Thu Apr 12 18:41:03 UTC 2007

On Thu, Apr 12, 2007 at 12:05:30PM +1000, Nigel Pearson wrote:
> > Is it possible to disable software encoder to not use mpeg2 or mpeg4
> > when  recording video? I would like to record as raw format.
> Proper RAW capture isn't possible, because all the consumer
> video cards capture in compressed color space (YUV420 or similar).

And, for what it's worth: *why*?

I've produced television for almost 20 years; I'm accustomed to
monitoring on BVM-1911s and the like.  I can't find anything to
complain about about the recordings produced by my sister's -350 and
-250s that I can't blame on the cableco, myself.

You do have to choose good compression parameters, of course.

And does it look like D-1?  Of course not.  But your TV set isn't up to
that anyway, and I relly don't care *how* much money you paid for it.  :-)

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