[mythtv] Mythtv.org and MythWeb Flash

Martin Møller martin at mail.martinm-76.dk
Thu Apr 12 12:43:37 UTC 2007

This would be really great!

I have three backends presently, with each their own storage so streaming from mythweb has been very hit-and-miss. It didn't even seem to work right if I mounted the other drives on the mythweb machine (still only resolvning to local drive, e.g. /vol/TV2 rather than in some cases /vol/TV, /vol/TV3).

I wonder if it would be possible to have the backend do the transcoding to flv on the fly? My dream scenario would be that you could actually skip in the flash player even if not all content had been sent yet (with buffering pause, of course).

----- "Rob Smith" <kormoc at gmail.com> wrote:
> On 4/10/07, Craig Boline <craig at craiganddenise.org> wrote:

> Currently, I'm implementing php bindings to the backend (similar to
> the perl bindings) to standardize this all up, and when that's done,
> mythweb will be ported over to the new style, including the ability
> to
> stream recordings from the backend and similar.
> ~Rob

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