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Tue Apr 10 06:32:32 UTC 2007

There have been a large number of replies to my post on mythtv.org
looking for both SWF developers and graphic designers.  Because of this,
I have had to rethink what will be involved in both processes.  In a few
days (to give people time to sign up), I will be starting two threads on
the mythtv-dev mailing list.  Please look for threads titled:

    Official Thread:  Mythtv.org Redesign
    Official Thread:  MythWeb Flash

You can sign up for mythtv-dev here:



Here is a more detailed breakdown of the projects:


Flash Audio / Video player:

First off, yes, I know that the Apache license "might" be compatible
with the GPL.  However, the authors of the GPL say it's not, and I'm
inclined to trust their opinion.

Secondly, I have no problem experimenting with or using tech like Ming,
OpenLaszlo and/or Adobe Flex to do this project (in fact, any of these
would be great).  I also don't mind using whatever commercial app it is
that the non-OSS world uses to design such things, but since I don't run
Windows, I'm more in favor of something that I can edit/tweak myself,
too.  It's also good to support other OSS projects.

Though I will be distributing the "compiled" swf file(s) with MythWeb
(making people install programs to compile their own SWF files is
somewhat silly), I want this project to be as open as possible, so
source files will be provided under the GPL (as a derivative work of
both MythWeb and MythTV).

There are really three parts to this project:

1. Simple audio player to play mp3 files from MythWeb's music section.
All the better if it can play ogg/etc., but if not, I will probably end
up writing some sort of transcoder interface to convert outbound files
to mp3.

2. Relatively simple video player, ala FlowPlayer or flvplayer.  The
main "new" MythTV-related feature for this would be the ability to use
the MythTV cutlist (slightly modified since flv uses timestamps instead
of frame numbers).  This would be embedded into the recording details
page (new in svn mythweb) so people can watch recorded shows
with/without commercials.

3. LiveTV player.  This would need access to a few of the frontend
features like changing tuner cards, channels, etc.

The latter two of these (esp. #3) require some help from the people who
work on mythbackend, and may not be fully usable until that happens.

I would encourage all of you who wish to work on this project to upgrade
to SVN trunk and check out the new MythWeb look, too.


Web Design:

I am a fairly experienced web designer (I've been doing it for about 13
years), and although I would certainly appreciate help with the
html/css/javascript side of things, I'm mostly looking for someone with
art skills (which I do not have).

I would really like to see the redesign of mythtv.org be able to spread
to trac and the wiki as well (unified header/menu), but it doesn't
necessarily have to do so.

You can see a VERY rough sketch of my own designs at
http://newmyth.forevermore.net/ -- I stopped working on this when I
realized that I would need some artwork.  I also have some mockups done
by Justin Hornsby (juski in irc), but he's asleep right now so I can't
get a copy to put up to show you.  Other than that, I like pieces of the
layouts from Gallery and Pidgin (formerly Gaim), although I don't love
either layout, and am not entirely attached to the whole "top and left
nav" layout, although it has sort of become the standard in web design
these days.

With that said, I have received a rather large number of responses about
this project, and since the best way to start these things is with a
couple weeks of brainstorming, I would like to see a mockup front page
from anyone interested in participating.  Once I start the official
thread on mythtv-dev, you can post a link there, or send it to me and
I'll post it somewhere public for people to look at.  Please be
forewarned to expect a lot of criticism from people on mythtv-dev, and
don't take it personally if some immature readers get mean (if it
becomes too much of a problem, we'll move the mythtv.org discussion

Also, I expect that some of you will be tempted to redesign pieces of
the MythTV logo.  I do *not* know how Isaac and other devs feel about
the topic, but imho everything but the the grey "mythTV" text is open
for redesign.  However, since this is initially a brainstorming session,
feel free to redesign as much of the logo as you feel will help your design.


You can also almost always find me in #mythtv and #mythtv-users on
irc.freenode.net.  I am happy to discuss any ideas there, and actually
prefer it over email, since conversations move so much faster.


P.S. Designers, I am also open to design/layout ideas for MythWeb
(although am very particular about many aspects of its layout), so feel
free to strike up a conversation in IRC if you have suggestions or would
like to help.

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