[mythtv] DVB-C problems - no longer working on Dutch digital cable

Rudy Zijlstra mythtv at edsons.demon.nl
Mon Apr 9 16:19:18 UTC 2007


I've found that current SVN no longer works with DVB-C in the 
Netherlands (@home, Casema, ... ). This most likely means it also fails 
on the Telenet network. For NC/Noos in France i would have to take more 
effort to check ;-)

It took me a while to detect, as i have been traveling a lot, and at 
first was thinking i was having a HW problem or kernel problem, as a 
month ago i was also updating the kernel.

So this easter weekend i ensured the kernel was no problem, did a signal 
check on the cables, exchanged cards to double check on the HW and 
finally build a specific MB/FE combination for testing with only DVB-C 
to fully test. I've got my normal test system back on current SVN, and 
the DVB-C card in that system does not see any tables....

The problem must have started about 1 1/12 month ago.

My DVB-C test system (newly commisioned for this role) is now running 
current 0.20-fixes, on kernel and handling DVB-C with CAM as 
well as can be expected. (i expect some CAM instability, will likely 
need to restart every so many hours to keep the CAM happy).

So 0.20-fixes works, SVN trunk of about 2 months ago works, and current 
SVN does NOT work.
Next sunday i will have some time again, and intent to start with fresh 
SVN of about 2 months ago and then slowly work my way up till i find 
where it breaks.

I am open to suggestions as to:
- at which SVN version to start
- with which steps to search
- things to keep in mind while testing?

I suspect change 12619, but could not proof it. I changed my full test 
system back to 12618 and still had trouble. BUT i do not fully trust 
that test, partly as i was doing it with a latest DB.... This is why i 
will start with DB from 0.20-fixes and SVN of about 2 months ago. That 
way i will upgrade the DB slowly.



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