[mythtv] Preserve global padding. [UNSTABLE]

Martin Long mythtv at longhome.co.uk
Sun Apr 8 11:38:13 UTC 2007

Right... doesn't quite work. Mind got a bit scrambled last night. Needs a

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I've properly slotted in the parameters "RecordPreRoll" and "RecordOverTime"
to the patch, and it seems to work as expected. 

Again... comments welcome. 


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I've created a new patch, and I just thought I'd see if anyone is interested
in it.

* PLEASE NOTE... this is a spike solution, I've hard coded the pre/post roll
values. Some help in doing this properly would be a help - I'll give that
bit a go tomorrow :) *

It is based on the assumption that all tuners in the system are equal -
that's how it works in my system, so that's the only way it's been tested.
If you want to test it on a different configuration please do so at your own

If you have global pre and post roll set, then it will add this to all
recordings, except where a recording immediately follows or precedes it, in
which case, the relevant pre/post roll is removed. This happens regardless
of the channel the recording is on, and whether this is a spare tuner-card
sat doing nothing. 

The way it works with this patch, is first it tries to allocate a tuner,
based on preserving the pre and post roll, if it cannot, then it strips it
off and tries again. All this means is that if a tuner is sat idle, doing
nothing, then it will get used. If it's needed for a show which is
subsequently scheduled, then the utilisation is actually the same, and
padding will be stripped as needed. 

I don't expect any of this stuff to be committed - I don't think it fits
with everyone's view of the world, but I know of a lot of people who would
find it very useful (eg pretty much anyone in the UK with 2+ identical DVB
cards). If anyone is actually interested in working on this with me then
input would be very useful.

I don't intend to put any fancy logic into this, so don't ask. The idea is
that it will just be an improvement on the current policy of all padding
being stripped on adjacent shows. I won't be putting in any rules to
prioritise padding over low priority shows (that doesn't happen now), and it
starts to become a very complicated system. You can simply force padding on
a particular recording by using the recording specific pre/post roll

For critics info - only the global pre/post options work for me, because I
would rather drop padding than drop a recording if it came to the crunch -
but the patch is required because I only want to drop padding if really
necessary. I realise this may not be Isaacs intended use for these options,
but it provides me exactly what I need. In fact, this is how the padding
policy for most UK PVRs (and I've had a few) seems to work, including Sky+.




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