[mythtv] how to get and use Java-based UI from mythtv interface

Simon Kenyon simon at koala.ie
Thu Apr 5 10:32:42 UTC 2007

Xi Jiarong wrote:
> :)!
> Thanks for you! hehe:)
> My current project is for educational use, it's just about build one 
> media center in our school!
> Hope to get your instructions.
> thanks a lot!
> > First tell us on what project r u working at and then I'll tell you on
> > how to run external applications from within MythTV :))
> >> hello, everyone!
> >> I need to ask for your help about mythtv UI(User Interface);
> >> Can I use my own UI based on Java through one plugin way, just like 
> that:
> >> when you choose the plugin button, and then the Java-based UI appear.
> >> How do you think about this plan? Is it fesible?
> >> or do you have any other idea about getting and using Java-based UI 
> from
> >> mythtv interface?
> >> Any suggestion would be welcom, and many thanks for you!
> >>
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for your first project in myth using java would have to be one of the 
hardest things you could do...

anyway, assuming you just want to invoke an external program, that is 
possible with the menu system. read the docs.
to write a plugin, take one of the simpler ones and use that as a basis.
mythgallery might be one - but who knows and start hacking.

if you really want to use java in a plugin then you would have to:

1 - learn how to embed java code within a C++ program
2 - create an helloworld in java and get that working within your dummy 
3 - define an interface between myth and the java and then implement 
that interface
4 - code your plugin

i would have though that wiring together all this would be a pretty big job
never mind the implementation of the functionality of the plugin

best of luck (and no, i've not done this and don't intend to either)

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