[mythtv] New TvTodayGrabber

Gerhard Gappmeier gerhard.gappmeier at ascolab.com
Wed Apr 4 14:41:40 UTC 2007


for about one week the XmlTv grabber for tvtoday doesn't work anymore,
because the layout of the website changed completely.
I'm sure this will be fixed very soon,
but meanwhile I developed a new C++ (qt) based grabber.

Because it's fun ;-)
And I'm better in hacking C++ than perl.
I also assume that this is faster, although the most time ist wasted fetching 
the data via HTTP.

It uses the asynchronous QHttp class to fetch the data in parallel.
The parsing is done via simple regular expression rather than building a 
complete DOM. That's very fast.

It's based on Qt4, but it should be easy to backport it to Qt3. It's a fairly 
simple program.
MythTv still uses Qt3. Is there a plan to port MythTv to Qt4?

Install: (like always with Qt and MythTv)
> qmake
> make

How to use:
tvtodaygrabber [-h|--help] [-i|--info] [-o=filename] [-d=offset] [-n=days]
  -h: shows this help
  -i: grab also detail info
  -o: set output file name (default=stdout)
  -d: date offset from today in days (range=0..10, default=0)
  -n: number of days to retrieve (range=1..10, default=1)

Example: ./tvtodaygrabber -o=./epg.xml -d=6 -n=1
mythfilldatabase --update --file 1 6 ./epg.xml

Fetching detail programme info (-i) is not implemented yet, but the code is 
already prepared for that.
(I really don't need it and it's faster without it)

It's just an early alpha version but the first test worked well for me.
"Release early and release often" is always good ;-)

I hope somebody can make use of it.

I'll send an update soon.


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