[mythtv] Requesting Myth developer help for LinuxMCE 1.1

Paul Webber webpaul1 at gmail.com
Tue Apr 3 21:25:57 UTC 2007

The MythTV integration with LinuxMCE 1.0 (linuxmce.com) was quite
poor.  It does show the Myth EPG guide and let you pick channels and
surf using the gyro mouse.  There are several Myth-related issues I'd
like to address in the upcoming 1.1 release, which will include much
better Ubuntu integration too:

1.    Myth is crashing all the time.  When you change channels quickly
you get "Video error" messages a lot, and also often times the front
end is unable to connect to the back end even though it's running.  I
can reproduce these problems easily.  There must be something that's
not happening right in the scripts that auto-configure myth, however,
it's baffling because I get similar problems when using Myth the
regular way with myth setup.

2.    When navigating the EPG with the gyro remote, it does work, but
the record and bookmark buttons don't work.  I dug through the code,
and it appears there is no way to do a jumppoint in myth to go
straight to the recording page for a particular show.  This probably
requires something added to myth's socket control code.

3.    A few smaller misc. integration issues, some of which may
require small tweaks in the myth code.

Is there any developer on the myth side that knows myth's code well
and would like to work with me to get this integration improved for
lmce 1.1?


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