[mythtv] MySql: program.category_type, programid etc ... and Mythfilldatabase question

Ma Begaj derliebegott at gmail.com
Tue Apr 3 15:54:35 UTC 2007

> movie, series, sports, tvshow

nice to have. thanks

> Only 'film' is translated to 'movie'. This is a nasty hack and we should
> really look for a translation based alternative but until then, this is how
> it works. If the above names aren't in English then they will be ignored.
pretty bad.

but it would be enough if the matching would use a just simple regexp
line instead of names. example like might be maybe enough, and it
would match more everything, even "Musikshow" for shows or
"Krimiserie" for series.


I am not c++ programmer, but I could try to write a patch for these
few lines, if there is nobody from the developer, who is willing/has
enough time to do this.

> The programid is used to match duplicates (two programs with the same
> programid won't be recorded twice). If it's not possible to obtain this
> information from the source accurately, then it is better ignored. It mostly
> exists for the benefit of DataDirect users in the US.

> > What happens if a show has more than one category? As I understand
> > this, only one category will imported, others will be ignored. But
> > which category will be used? First one in XML or are there some other
> > criteria?
> It would be the first in the XML, unless it matches one of the four above in
> which case it would be the second. If you're confused then you are not
> alone - I don't understand why either.
if a show can have two categories, it would be nice to have two
categories in mysql. why not make a table "program_categories" which
will match program.

I just tested it with two categories for one show and mythfilldatabase
takes only the 1st one, not the the matched one.
1. Krimiserie
2. Series

mythfilldatabase took "Krimiserie" and ignored "Series". Series would
probably only match if it is on the 1st place. That's pretty bad,
because it would stupid to remove Krimiserie, because Series does not
give any more information. But I will change this in grabber, to put
series, movie, show, sports on the 1st place if there more categories
and if the xml will be used for mythtv. that could work.

> > I would add a flag "--optimize-for-mythtv" for german XMLTV grabber if
> > you could give me more information.
> If you add such functionality then it will need to be done as
> a 'preferredmethod' and added to the xmltv specs.

Tha's should not be a problem. I don't even have to add a special
flag, I could just check which config file being used and if it is
myth's one, I would add some additional rules/checkings, to make it
more user friendly for mythtv.



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