[mythtv] DataDirect service

Bruce Markey bjm at lvcm.com
Tue Apr 3 04:44:03 UTC 2007

Some general advice that may be useful while TMS is sending
generic descriptions.

MythTV has a feature for making assumptions when the descriptions
are generic or wrong but the user is aware of a reliable pattern.
The are the Find* types FindDaily and FindWeekly. This will not
help in all circumstances but may be useful if only the newest
episode is repeated throughout the week (or day).

For example "Bullrun" on Spike is shown Tue at 10 then repeated
a couple times. However, As of tomorrow these are all generic
(programid SH8990990000) rather than episodes 4 and 5. By selecting
a 10PM Tue showing and choosing "Record one showing of this title
every week", the scheduler will assume that I am saying that
each showing between this Tue at 10 and next Tue by 9:59 are
all the same episode and the first available should be recorded.
I have other shows at 10 so both weeks it chooses the 11pm showing
instead. This would have been correct for any of the previous
three weeks so I feel confident that this will work correctly:

--- print list start ---
Title - Subtitle            Chan ChID Day Start  End   C I  T N   Pri
Bullrun                       29 1029  03 22:00-23:00  0 0  w L  -5/0
Bullrun                       29 1029  03 23:00-00:00  1 1  w 1  -5/0
Bullrun                       29 1029  07 11:00-12:00  0 0  w E  -5/0
Bullrun                       29 1029  10 22:00-23:00  0 0  w L  -5/0
Bullrun                       29 1029  12 23:00-00:00  2 3  w 2  -5/0
Bullrun                       29 1029  14 11:00-12:00  0 0  w E  -5/0

This may work for some. Others may need a custom rule to limit
the station(s) or day(s) to avoid other showings that are expected
to be old repeats. Still others may be a mess but you may want
to temporariy change the type to "Record in this timeslot every
week" so that shows where you expect new episodes to appear in
their normal time slot would record that showing only and not all
of the other generic repeats.

Once episode info is available again, you can change the rule
type back to All, Channel, or whatever you had been using in
the past.

Hope this helps,

--  bjm

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