[mythtv] Mythvideo crash .20

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Sat Sep 30 12:24:01 UTC 2006

On Fri, 2006-09-29 at 16:05 -0700, Anduin Withers wrote:
> > I just upgrade to Fedora Core 5 and put the latest version of Mythtv
> > (.20) on the box. I have the strangest issue with Mythvideo. When I
> > click on Mythvideo, Mythfrontend crashes.
> > 
> > Now if I remotely log in and set my display back, I can use Mythvideo
> > without any isses.
> Can I put you in the ATI DRI list?

I am not sure how to generate that. But I gave it the old college try.
The file contains outputs from commands like xvinfo, xdriinfo,
fglrxinfo, and etc. If that wasn't what you needed, then please let me

Also, not sure if this is related, but the overlays (like channel
description and etc) have disappeared for the TV and recording playback.

Thanks for you help,

K Murphy
maillist at citadelsystems.net
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