[mythtv] [mythtv-users] odd conflict with three tuners

David Engel gigem at comcast.net
Thu Sep 28 22:46:57 UTC 2006

On Thu, Sep 28, 2006 at 11:49:04AM -0700, Bruce Markey wrote:
> considered this circumstances. This might be solvable but the
> solution isn't obvious and this is a rare case. There used to be

The self-imposed scheduler limit of only trying one move to resolve a
conflict is the key for these types of problems.  With that limit in
place, there will always be cases where the scheduler can't put all of
the jigsaw pieces together perfectly.  I've tried thinking of
heuristics that could be applied, but everytime I do, they always lead
to slippery slopes I don't want to go down.

David Engel
gigem at comcast.net

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