[mythtv] MythMovies: Movie Times Plugin

Josh Lefler joshlefler at leflerinc.com
Mon Sep 25 03:15:28 UTC 2006


I've put together a replacement plugin for the old MythMovieTimes that 
allows US users to get movie times data from within myth. I'd like a few 
developers to take a look at it, install it, and provide feedback if 
they are so inclined.

If you're interested, the source is available via anonymous svn at

The code is intended to be built against the latest SVN and needs to be 
placed in a directory named "mythmovies" inside the mythplugins 
directory in order to correctly build. (Essentially, it has the same 
build setup as the official plugins as its structure is borrowed heavily 
from them.) See the included INSTALL file for more information.

I'd like to stress that this is pre-beta code that has only been run by 
a few users, so I can't guarantee how well it will run for you. I can 
say that it has worked fairly well for the few users who have installed 
it thus far.

If you do get a chance to try it, please provide any relevant feedback 
on-list or to me directly. Comments, questions, critiques, patches, etc. 

Josh Lefler
Lefler, Inc.

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