[mythtv] [mythtv-commits] Ticket #2415: wrong select for active eitscanning

Wolfgang Nothdurft mythtv at linux-dude.de
Sun Sep 24 20:45:02 UTC 2006

Janne Grunau schrieb:
> On Sunday 24 September 2006 18:47, Wolfgang Nothdurft wrote:
>>> I had only a brief look on the patch for EIT on the special
>>> channels. But I don't see, why you need to use the portal channings
>>> as tuning channels. You might activate additional PIDs based on the
>>> portal channels but that isn't a good solution.
>> The eit data is only provided on special pids (0xb11 and 0xb12) on
>> the two portal channels. Therefore it is necessary at the moment,
>> that the active eitscanner gets the channums for this channels.
> I can't find anything in the patch attached to #2418 that makes it 
> important to which channel the eitscanner tunes. You enable listening 
> on the special EIT PIDs unconditional.

That's right, but it's not like the standard EIT PID 0x12 which is sent 
on all channels. It is really only available on these two channels. PID 
0xb11 on service id 18 and PID 0xb12 on service id 17.
I think it is conditional cause the listener only would be added if the 
pid is  in the cur_pid list.

> We might find in the Premiere service information something that 
> indicates if we should listen on these PIDs.
> Otherwise a simple solution is to activate it based on the original 
> network id (and transport id).
>> How will the eitscanner work in future when you only use the
>> multiplex?
> Not much different than now. EIT is independent of the channels.
>>> I also dislike the huge code duplication in eithelper.cpp.
>> This is caused by the different structure of the event tables and at
>> the moment I don't know if there is a better way for the integration,
>> but I will have a look at it.
> I had first the impression that the PremiereEventInformationTable is 
> basicly an EIT but it can hold additional descriptors. Do you have docs 
> for the premiere private sections and descriptors?

The only docs are sources from other projects (neutrino,vdr) that have 
the epg implemented and outputs from dvbsnoop.
But it's very simple. The basic descriptors are the same. The difference 
is that you have only one event per section packet with all 
transmissions (descriptor 0xf2) for all feed channels stored within.


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