[mythtv] [mythtv-commits] Ticket #2415: wrong select for active eitscanning

Wolfgang Nothdurft mythtv at linux-dude.de
Sun Sep 24 16:47:26 UTC 2006

Janne Grunau schrieb:
> On Sunday 24 September 2006 11:06, MythTV wrote:
>> #2415: wrong select for active eitscanning
>>  Janne, with your patch the select returns only one channum and not
>> one channum per transponder.
> Yeah, I saw just after I attached the patch. Since trac doesn't sent 
> mails for new attachments I thought nobody would notice the patch until 
> I commit a working one, sorry.
> But munging the channum in the original patch is wrong since we need it 
> later for tuning.

OK, I see this point.

>>  But I think a better way for getting the channels for active
>> eitscanning is to use the one with the lowest service id per
>> transponder.
> I select now "channum, MIN(chanid)". Later we will use only the 
> multiplex.
>> I don't know how other providers act, but the German 
>> Provider Premiere use two channels for special eit for the sport and
>> ppv channels. Both channels are on different transponders and have
>> the lowest service id. It might be coincidence, but I think it is
>> intention.
> I had only a brief look on the patch for EIT on the special channels. 
> But I don't see, why you need to use the portal channings as tuning 
> channels. You might activate additional PIDs based on the portal 
> channels but that isn't a good solution.

The eit data is only provided on special pids (0xb11 and 0xb12) on the 
two portal channels. Therefore it is necessary at the moment, that the 
active eitscanner gets the channums for this channels.
How will the eitscanner work in future when you only use the multiplex?

> I also dislike the huge code duplication in eithelper.cpp.

This is caused by the different structure of the event tables and at the 
moment I don't know if there is a better way for the integration, but I 
will have a look at it.


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