[mythtv] firewire commit 11226 and channel changing timing

Jim Westfall jwestfall at surrealistic.net
Sun Sep 24 04:48:47 UTC 2006

BP <lists at qucae.com> wrote [09.23.06]:
> While this change properly powers on my Mot 6200 (a very nice 
> enhancement), channel changes after powering on are failing.  The first 
> digit is not taking.  Watching the display, I see the unit power on, 
> then the first digit passed, then a quick flash, then the remaining 
> digits.  For instance, if it is tuning to 712, I always get 12.
> Testing with live tv, this is 100% reproduceable for me.  I have not 
> tested with scheduled recordings.
> Is it possible to introduce a small delay between the power command and 
> the channel command to give STBs a chance to fully initialize?  It does 
> look like the code already has "sleep(1)".  Perhaps just bump that a bit?

can you try bumping it up and see if it helps?


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