[mythtv] [mythtv-users] MythArchive: No sound on DVD - couple of bugs

David Scammell davescammell at gmail.com
Sat Sep 23 20:21:02 UTC 2006


I found a couple of bugs, one is in the file, silence.mp2, which as you may
imagine is silence but for 5 seconds, its encoded at compact disk friendly
44.100Khz, not at DVD friendly 48000Khz. I re-made mine with these commands:

arecord -f dat -twav -d 5 /tmp/silence.wav
mp2enc -r 48000 -o /tmp/silence.mp2 </tmp/silence.wav
su - (password)
cp /tmp/silence.mp2 /usr/local/share/mythtv/mytharvice/music/silence.mp2

It appeared to be causing errors in the mythburn.log when replexing the
video, these may of been harmless, but still a bug.

The other bug is more serious at least for me and will account for a
proportion of the dvd's with no sound issues. The introductorary videos, in
particular file pal_mythlogo_intro.mpg has AC3 sound, unlike the other two 2
pal intro's which have mp2 sound. When the final dvd is remultiplexed
together the AC3 soundtrack from the intro video is made into the primary
audio track on the dvd. The remaining audio on the dvd, for me in the UK is
MP2 from the DVB-T telly, gets encoded as the 2nd audio track on the dvd.
This results in a dvd that appears to have no sound after the intro videom,
unless you know to switch soundtrack. I suspect that its non-standard to mix
both types of audio coding on one dvd but I don't know for sure, perhaps its
my mplex or perhaps there is another way around this. My quick fix was to
copy pal_mythtv_into.mpg over the top of pal_mythlogo-intro.mpg.

I haven't read that these bugs have already been found, then again I might
of missed them on the lists, i'm not up to date with the svn, about a week

dave s
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