[mythtv] [mythtv-commits] Ticket #2432: XvMC OSD fading leaves a ghost behind

Ng Theng Kiat htpc at treblid.dyndns.org
Sat Sep 23 00:58:43 UTC 2006

OpenMedia Support wrote:
> Ng Theng Kiat wrote:
>> MythTV wrote:
>> This problem was never fixed. Daniel helped me look at this before. But 
>> so far I seem to be the only one seeing this problem then....
>> My 6600GT AGP has this problem, but my other HTPC, which uses a FX5600 
>> doesn't..
> Care to let me know what you tried so I can attempt the same steps.
Didn't really do anything much. The 6600GT just leave a ghost water mark 
on some fade outs, while the FX5600 didn't.

What I notice though, is that the OSD from the 6600GT is different from 
the FX5600...There's always something extra in the 6600GT OSD (an extra 
border, an extra ghost white rectangle, etc).. And its these extra 
stuffs that don't get cleared out when the OSD fades..
Can you confirm if this is so on your side as well? Just toggle between 
XvMC and the other decoders, do you see something extra in XvMC?


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