[mythtv] [mythtv-commits] Ticket #1772: Allow Multiple Channels rom 1 Transponder...

Paul Wheeler paulrwheeler at gmail.com
Fri Sep 22 14:27:07 UTC 2006

On 9/22/06, Martin Long <martin.long at rozel.net> wrote:
> Ok. I think the main concern with this is going to be complications added
> to the scheduler. Think about it - it aint easy. It's not just a case of
> sharing a tuner with another show. What if it overlaps another show,
> compound overlappings, could an optimiser be used, when would it be
> appropriate to stop optimising, and just record a later showing.
> The actual task of grabbing several channels is academic, although could
> present some issues such as demuxing (I believe this is currenly handled
> by the driver/hardware, as it has special built in filters).
> I think we should target this a 2+ tuners, because most people with DVB-T
> at least will have 2 (if not, they're only £30). Clearly though, considing
> the single tuner case at all times.
> I'm going to sit down, and drill into the current scheduler logic, in
> detail. We obviously musn't break any of the existing rule choices: input
> priority, channel priority, etc - if there are cases where totally
> different logic is needed, then it needs to be made in a way where the
> user can switch back to the current scheduler. Then I'm going to try and
> work out how we should implement the logic for scheduling where Muxes can
> be reused.
> 1. Do we have any testers on the list (professional?) who could start to
> come up with a comprehensive list of use cases, including edge and corner
> cases. This would be a great place for me to start. I hate this job, but
> if noone else wants to do it, I'll just have to grin and bare it.
> 2. I'm going to start on the scheduler tonight, but if anyone has any
> pointers on this, it would be a great help (please copy me in - I'm on
> digest).
> Of course, if any of the elite ;) think I'm going in the wrong direction
> here, or stepping on any toes, PLEASE let me know.
> Do we have a wiki page(s) yet?

I do not think the scheduler is that big a problem at the moment. The
scheduling doesnt have to be perfect first time. As long as it behaves
as it currently does but schedules some extra programs (easy cases to
begin with) it will help most problems. I think the harder part is
coding up the recorder to be able to handle it all properly. Once this
is done the rest will slot into place more.

If you are still wanting to sort the scheduler first i can help you
from a logic/mathematical point of view. I dont have time to dig
around in the code and work out the exact calls the scheduler makes. I
can however look at the logic involved and point out areas to
consider. I believe that details of the scheduler are in a how to/on
the wiki somewhere to save digging in the code.

> > Date: Fri, 22 Sep 2006 00:19:44 +0200
> > From: Jochen Kühner <jochen.kuehner at gmx.de>
> > Subject: Re: [mythtv] [mythtv-commits] Ticket #1772: Allow Multiple
> >       Channels from 1 Transponder...
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> > i don't think that that is necessary, you can also show a text like
> > channel can not be displayed because no free dvb device is aviable. i
> > think mostly mythtv is not used for live tv, so thats the smaller
> > problem, but i think it could be solved.
> > has anyone looked at the patches in the ticket?? the nice think is that
> > they also add the function too writ to more then one file wich is also
> > good for analogue cards, so if you have add a runafter in a recording 2
> > files were created....
> >
> > i was the initialy starter of the ticket, but i relized that adding this
> > is out of my abilitys and my time.
> >
> > maybe we can find someone who can add this functionality.
> > maybe anyone has news from aaron who has done a few beta patches???
> >
> > Mark Buechler schrieb:
> >> In my opinion, if a feature like this is to be added it really needs
> >> to go along with a feature to only show tunable channels in the guide.
> >> It could get VERY confusing VERY quickly trying to figure out which
> >> channels can be tuned on a single DVB card while there's recording
> >> also happening on the same card.
> >>
> >> - Mark.
> >>
> >> On 9/21/06, *Petr Stehlik* <pstehlik at sophics.cz
> >> <mailto:pstehlik at sophics.cz>> wrote:
> >>
> >>     Paul Wheeler pí?e v ?t 21. 09. 2006 v 12:24 +0100:
> >>     > feature is very much wanted by a LOT of people here in the UK
> >>
> >>     this is not limited to UK. DVB-T is similar/same in the whole
> >>     Europe, I
> >>     think, so count in pretty much everybody with Myth living in
> >>     Europe :-)
> >>     And isn't DVB-S the same case? That would further increased the
> >> number
> >>     of people wanting this cost/heat/energy/space-saving feature.
> >>
> >>     Petr
> >>
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