[mythtv] packed image format and new deinterlacers

Lincoln Dale ltd at interlink.com.au
Sat Sep 16 23:35:01 UTC 2006

> > If you do manage to fix this, what I might suggest to get the data
> > more advanced filters need is to eat the first three frames, storing
> > them in whatever format is convenient, and output black replacement
> > frames. Then when you have enough frames you can start outputting
> but with delaying the first frames i should go into AV-Sync troubles
> which should be noticable by the user.
> if i solved the above i would start with a first "copy-needed-frames"
> version.

i'm sure folks wouldn't be opposed to an enhancement to AudioOutputBase
class (libs/libmyth/audiooutputbase.cpp) such that a deinterlacer could tell
the audio sync to be delayed to whatever delay an interlacer needs.

i'm sure if we could take deinterlacers from DScaler with minimal effort, it
would be well worth it.



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