[mythtv] Ticket #2194: Patch to randomise mythfilldatabase times

brian turbo at talstar.com
Fri Sep 15 23:11:14 UTC 2006

On Fri, 2006-09-15 at 13:32 -0700, Bruce Markey wrote:

> A "day" for a user may not be the same as a "day" for TMS in
> Chicago (CST/CDT) and it is unclear exactly when they do their
> daily update. One thing we could do is to not allow the automatic
> mfdb between 12am-4am Central regardless of the user's min or
> timezone (Oh, DD only. not xmltv =).

  Not germane to the discussion, but for your (and others')
edification...  Tribune Media Services (TMS) is not located in Chicago,
or for that matter anywhere else in CST/CDT land...  it's located in
Glens Falls, NY (or Queensbury, a suburb, depending on where the map
line is drawn), so it'd be EST/EDT.  :)

  They have "channel editors" making changes to the database, and
employees in the building 24/7/365.  I do not know when or how often
their updates are "pushed" to the online public servers (zap2it.com, et
al), but once a day is probably more correct than not.

  TMS and TVGuide are the only two television listing services, anymore
-- so, those publications that don't get their listing information from
TV Guide get it from TMS.  There used to be a third player in the game,
TV Data (also headquartered in Glens Falls, NY), but Tribune Media
Services and TV Data merged a few years ago.

 - Brian (former resident of Glens Falls, NY)

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