[mythtv] LiveTV player using .20 perl bindings

mime themime at sonic.net
Fri Sep 15 20:45:52 UTC 2006

A few weeks ago I installed myth .19... wonderful app.  No complaints at 
all.  Then I tell my parents that I can now watch TV on my computer... 
big mistake.... "can you make that work on my laptop?" Mom says..... "I 
think so...", I say.... bigger mistake.  After trying winmyth(no dice), 
and playing around with vmware using a half dozen different small 
footprint linux systems I gave up (mom's laptop has only 256MB of ram) 
figuring if it was going to work at all I'd have to hack it on my own.

So... how about it?  I looked around for some docs on the perl bindings 
but couldn't find much of anything.  Can they do what I'm thinking of or 
should I attack this problem from a different angle?


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