[mythtv] Problems with channel scanning (DVB-C, PAL, Finland)

Ilja Jetsu ilja.jetsu at gmail.com
Fri Sep 15 13:32:32 UTC 2006

Updating from 0.19 to 0.20 went well (yum via atrpms)
Cable provider added some free channels to the lineup, so I wanted to
update the listings.
Running mythtv-setup and scanning existing transports gave errors

2006-09-15 16:07:34.950 DVBTuning Warning: Invalid inversion,
aborting, falling back to 'auto'
2006-09-15 16:07:35.601 SDT: Error determining what transport this
service table is associated with so failing
(repeating multiple times, once for each transmitted mplex..)

Then I cleaned the DB thinking well, maybe update broke something or
then I did something wrong, but after that I have not been able to get
channels from any multiplex except 1. (Same multiplex was the only
without any errors before cleanup) All other multiplexes give that
error, and add themselves into the database again, so after running
the scan for 3 times, there is ~140 multiplexes on the db from the
origin of 11mplexes.

Using dvb-scan and importing channels.conf works otherwise well, finds
all channels and I'm able to watch channels in LiveTV,  but for some
reason EIT doesn't fetch any program information with those.

Mythtv Versions:

Location: Joensuu, Finland (Tikkacom/Elisa Cable)


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