[mythtv] PlaybackBox::expireSelected()... defunct?

Jack Perveiler perveilerj at yahoo.com
Thu Sep 14 21:42:42 UTC 2006

I was making some changes in playbackbox.cpp and in the course of my travels
noticed that the slot PlaybackBox::expireSelected() doesn't seem to be called
by or connected to anything any more.

So... is expireSelected():
a) cruft that just never got removed,
b) called someplace my grepping missed, or
c) added for future use?

It's not really hurting anything, I just noticed it dangling.  Also,
PlaybackBox::expire() only seems to be called by expireSelected() so I guess
it's dangling too.

I'll remove them if they're just cruft, but I won't bother if someone who wants
them around is just going to whack my patch anyways :)


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