[mythtv] Schedule a recording to record on one card, watch LiveTV on another (same channel as scheduled recording)

Bradley Kite bradley.kite at gmail.com
Thu Sep 14 21:35:14 UTC 2006

Hi all,

I had scheduled a recording to run today, which recorded fine on one capture

My wife today watched LiveTV at the same time, on the same channel as the
which actually worked fine, but that was because the file-names used were
by 1 second.

I think there is a bug in this tho, because I now have 2 recordings of the
same show,
one from a scheduled recording and one from LiveTV - and it was only the 1
time difference that prevented a conflict in the file-names used for the
recordings -
I don't know how the back-end would have handled it if both recordings had
the same
file name.

Is this something that other people also consider a problem? If so, would it
be better
to just run LiveTV from the scheduled recording's Ring-Buffer, taking into
account the
fact that the user may change channels half-way through?

What do other people think?

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