[mythtv] 'WriteAudio: buffer underrun' during playback caused bythe scheduler

Jan Kleinig lueddich at gmx.de
Thu Sep 14 19:20:39 UTC 2006

I'm using no /etc/asound.conf and the only device defined in my 
~/.asoundrc is ALSA:plug:ch51dup to send fl and fr to the rear, center 
and lfe... Nothing else ;)

It's an ATI IXP 150 soundcard in an ASUS Pundit-R case. It's using the 
atiixp module of ALSA v1.0.12rc1...

Any further infos needed?

Thanks!! ;)

Michael T. Dean schrieb:
> On 09/14/06 02:16, Lueddich at gmx.de wrote:
>> using 'ALSA:default' I don't get 5.1 to work. 2 channel mode is OK, but with a 6 channel stream, I am only able to listen to fl and fr, the other speakers are dead. But the working speakers do really play only the fl and fr, so there is no speech for example... Using '/dev/dsp', I have the problems with 2 and 6 channel mode...
>> If I should test anything with a special file and post some logs, just say so!! ;)
> Get rid of (rename) your ~/.asoundrc and your /etc/asound.conf before 
> testing ALSA:default.  When testing with a user- or system-specific 
> config file, you may not be testing what you think you're testing.  It 
> really sounds like you're using the 2-channel-only-capable dmix 
> plugin.   Of course, if you're using ALSA 1.0.9 or above, you'll be 
> using dmix even with the default default (yes, I meant to type that 
> twice) device if you have a software soundcard (like an NFORCE or ...).
> So, please try testing with no ALSA config files (rename those specified 
> above), and reply back with the version of ALSA and the sound card 
> you're using.
> Mike
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