[mythtv] [mythtv-commits] Ticket #2388: fall back to ~/.lircrc if ~/.mythtv/lircrc doesn't exist

Michael T. Dean mtdean at thirdcontact.com
Thu Sep 14 18:11:51 UTC 2006

On 09/14/06 04:53, MythTV wrote:

>#2388: fall back to ~/.lircrc if ~/.mythtv/lircrc doesn't exist
While I'm not arguing the value of falling back to LIRC's default config 
file in the event there's no ~/.mythtv/lircrc (I'll leave that decision 
up to someone else), I think the current implementation will work for 
what you want.

> MythTV expects the lirc config file in ~/.mythtv/lircrc. All other
> clients I know of use ~/.lircrc.

Other clients that will only use ~/.lircrc /force/ you to commingle 
settings for many different programs in a single file (although, I'm 
sure many of those you're including in this group allow you to specify a 
config file with a command-line option).  MythTV /allows/ you to choose 
to keep your MythTV settings in a different location /or/ to use the 
same config file.

> There exists a useful daemon called lircrcd that syncs the current lirc
> mode between clients. Otherwise it can happen that simulatous running
> clients are in inconsistent modes.
> The lircrcd creates a socket to communicate with the other lircrcds.
> The

> name of the socket is the name of the config file, with a 'd'
> appended. So other clients will use ~/.lircrcd as the socket name, but
> MythTV will use ~/.mythtv/lircrcd, so the lircrcd for MythTV can not
> communicate with the other daemons.

 From man 1 lircrcd:

-o, --output=socket
    With the --output option you can select the Unix domain socket, 
which lircrcd will create. The default is to append a "d" character to 
the config filename given.

So, to synchronize mode against all clients, where most use ~/.lircrc 
(and the default socket for lircrcd), wouldn't you just make sure the 
line in your MythTV LIRC config file (~/.mythtv/lircrc) is:

#! lircrcd -o ~/.lircrcd

(I haven't tried this, since I'm using an older version of LIRC, but it 
sure seems that's what the designers of lircrcd envisioned.)

> I tried to fix this my creating a symlink from ~/.mythtv/lircrcd to
> ~/.lircrcd to make sure that the lircrcd always uses the same socket, but
> sometimes the symlink disappears and the socket in ~/.mythtv/ will be
> created again. In this case I have to remove it and re-create the symlink.
> I think this is not really a solution.

If you want to have all your LIRC settings together in one file (which 
is my assumption here), you can simply take all the settings out of 
~/.mythtv/lircrc and append them to the bottom of ~/.lircrc with 
something like:

cat ~/.mythtv/lircrc >> ~/.lircrc

Then, create a symlink from ~/.mythtv/lircrc to ~/.lircrc:

ln -sf ~/.lircrc ~/.mythtv/lircrc

Now, all your settings are in the same place and there's only one LIRC 
config file to deal with.  This won't help with the socket issue, but 
that's what --output=socket is for...


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