[mythtv] firewire tester

Andrew Casper andrew at andrewcasper.com
Thu Sep 14 02:23:29 UTC 2006

On Sep 13, 2006, at 9:49 PM, John P Poet wrote:

> On 9/13/06, Andrew Casper <andrew at andrewcasper.com> wrote:
>> On Sep 13, 2006, at 8:21 PM, Jim Westfall wrote:
>> it should be ok to run while backend is running, so long as its not
>> recording with the node you are testing.
>> Thanks John - that pointed me in the right direction.  
>> Unfortunately it
>> didn't fix my issue.
>> Since you seem to be the firewire guru, I have a issue that you  
>> might be
>> able to solve...
>> I've got a DCT-6200 and 14 HD channels on my plan. MythTV has no  
>> trouble
>> tuning 10 channels. The other 4 are on a special HD package from  
>> my provider
>> and are a little problematic. Before .20, if MythTV could lock to the
>> broadcast stream on one of the 4, I would get about a minute of  
>> broken up
>> picture before the backend would just stop. At the same time, the  
>> backend
>> log would fill with TS packet out of sync errors. Now with .20, I see
>> FireRec, Error: TS packet out of sync but the backend doesn't  
>> crash. CPU
>> usage is not an issue
>> I checked the service menus on the DCT-6200 and none of the  
>> channels has 5c.
>> MythTV seems to like broadcast mode at 200 Mbs.
>> I tried to recompile the kernel (2.6.17-2174) with your dma.diff  
>> firewire
>> fix (hand edited it as the diff doesn't like the current kernel),  
>> but the
>> compile kicked and error when it got your last change (too many  
>> variables?).
>> So, would the firewire kernel fix help this? Any other words of  
>> wisdom?
>> Thanks in advance.
>> - Andrew
> I had very similar problems at one time.  Turned out to have something
> to do with my on-board 1394a port.  Switched to a cheap PCI addon
> firewire card, and the problem went away.

I tried that one - moved from the Asus on-board FireWire to a Koutech  
PCI-e card with the TI chipset that everyone says works. Exactly the  
same issues with both connections. If it were a card issue, I'd think  
it would be a problem with all 14 channels. But that isn't the case.

And sorry, Jim - I mistyped in my last post and didn't thank you  
appropriately. Thanks Jim.

- Andrew

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