[mythtv] mythvideo (.20) crashes frontend with genre or country metadata.

Matt Piermarini mattpiermarini at yahoo.com
Tue Sep 12 19:57:21 UTC 2006

I just upgraded to .20 from .19.  When selecting any mythvideo module
(Watch Videos or VideoManager), mythfrontend traps when there is any data
in either the "videometadatagenre" or "videometadatacountry" table(s).

I used the VideoManager to populate metadata from IMDB for some of my
movies, which inserted data into these two tables. 

In metadata.cpp, I commented out fillGenres() and fillCountries() in the
fromDBRow(MSqlQuery &query) method, and mythvideo no longer crashes.  I'm
not too hip on C++, so could not figure out what was causing the problem
in those methods.

The stack will either show MetaDataImpl::fillCountries or ::fillGenres


2006-09-12 14:57:16.981 XMLParse::LoadTheme using
*** glibc detected *** mythfrontend: free(): invalid pointer: 0x088f0578
======= Backtrace: =========
======= Memory map: ========

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