[mythtv] uPnP support in 0.20

David Blain MythTV at TheBlains.net
Mon Sep 11 23:35:11 UTC 2006

> Hi there,
> I've noticed that some form of uPnP support has gone in to 
> Mythtv with 0.20.  I'm not clear from the release notes and 
> looking through trac exactly what is possible with this so 
> far, and what devices are supported at the moment.  There's 
> three listed at the moment - does that just mean that others 
> haven't been tested - would one expect other uPnP-compliant 
> devices to "just work"?
> I'm interested because I've got a Pinnacle Showcenter 200 
> lying around and was wondering whether I could use this as at 
> least a basic frontend for mythtv - something to be able to 
> play existing recordings/mythvideo files/music.  Is this 
> doable currently?  If not, then is it something that would be 
> reasonably straightforward to add (if so then I might be 
> interested in helping out...).
> Thanks for any replies, and keep up the good work,
> James

The implementation included in 0.20 has only been tested with the devices
listed in trac.  It's not a totally compliant implementation yet, however,
if you are lucky enough to have a device that does "just work", you will be
able to do the following:

  * Browse and play recorded TV shows.
  * Browse and play Music.

That is all the features currently available.  I am planning a more complete
upnp stack as well as more features.  However, as I stated in a previous
e-mail, it may take some time before I can do more work on it.

Any help coding and/or testing is always welcome.

David B.

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