[mythtv] MythTV 0.20 MacOSX MythTV.app

Nigel Pearson nigel at ind.tansu.com.au
Mon Sep 11 22:54:01 UTC 2006

> I noticed a new MythTV.app as well as the
> MythFrontend.app.  Are both the same?

	Hi Dave. Sorry about not warning you.
No, they are not the same:

* MythFrontend.app provides a menu, and loads the PlugIns.

* MythTV.app is _just_ for TV, has no menu,
   and doesn't provide access to recordings.
   It does have one additional function, though.
   Provide it with a file on the command line
   (e.g. a .mpeg) and it will play it.
   Handy for debugging MythTV.

> Just curious if I should include both
> or only one in the DMG file for download.

	Just MythFrontend.app

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