[mythtv] Potential problem on xebian - xinerama

Martin Long martin.long at rozel.net
Mon Sep 11 09:57:57 UTC 2006

I'll check into that. The rpm command won't do the trick, because there's
no rpm on xebian, and also the 0.20 binaries aren't on
debian-multimedia.org yet, but I'll work out how to force an install of
xinerama-dev on my xbox and see how that goes.

Why was xinerama introduced in 0.20? I presume for support for spanning


I have svn running on xebian upgraded from 0.19 e-image. Its been a
while since I did it so I no longer remember the exact details. I do
remember that I had to manually force the installation of a couple of
rpms manually with the 'rpm --replace-files' option to get everything
updated to the latest but since then everything has run smoothly. Dont
forget to change the repo listing to multimedia.debian.org since some of
the repos have moved since that release.

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