[mythtv] 'WriteAudio: buffer underrun' during playback caused bythe scheduler

Richard Dale richard at interlink.com.au
Mon Sep 11 07:00:21 UTC 2006

> During Playback, x and mythfrontend are using about 30% of CPU
> together, because I got no opengl working with my ATI IGP 9100 in my
> Pundit-R with a P$ 3,2Ghz and 1GB Ram...

Note that because of hyperthreading your single core P4 3.2Ghz CPU is seen
as two CPUs in Linux, but a 30% overall loading may actually mean your CPU
is really up around 60%.

In addition, ATI cards aren't well supported under Linux (there's not much
acceleration going on) due to ATI's poor support of Linux.

I found that that the occasional sound skip on a P4 3.0 Ghz system was cured
by creating a .asoundrc file and adding a buffer into my dmix-digital area -
eg. buffer_size 8192

I'm now on a dual core Core 2 so I can't comment about that system any


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