[mythtv] Potential problem on xebian - xinerama

Martin Long martin.long at rozel.net
Sun Sep 10 19:49:44 UTC 2006

Have a lot of problems with this on Xebian, using SVN head. I don't know
if it's going to be a potential problem with 0.20. 

I'm using an E-image which already had 0.19 installed, so I know that
myth works on this dist. When I try to install 0.20, I'm getting a
dependency on libXinerama.so.1. This happens both when I build on my
other PC, and copy across before doing a 'make install' and also when I
use apt-get from http://home.arcor.de/scorpidnb/mythtv/svn11024/debian/

Problem is... libxinerama-dev has a dependency on x11-common, and
x11-common needs xfree86-common to be REMOVED. In fact it needs all of
these to be removed: 

lbxproxy libdps1 libqt3-mt-dev libxft1 proxymngr twm xfree86-common xfwp
xlibmesa-gl-dev xlibmesa-glu-dev xlibs xlibs-static-dev xprint
xprt-xprintorg xserver-common

This pretty much breaks xebian. I've tried doing it. 

Is there a dependency on X.Org for 0.20? If so, then xebian is going to
need some hefty reworking to bring it up to scratch (the current release
is over a year old now). Otherwise, is there an option to compile
without the xinerama support? 

Has anyone got 0.20 working on xebian yet, or is anyone testing it? How
about XFedora? If I can get a working E-image going, I'll keep it
up-to-date, and distribute it when 0.20 is finalised. 


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