[mythtv] [mythtv-commits] Ticket #2320: Add a 'watched' flag to recordings

Jack Perveiler perveilerj at yahoo.com
Fri Sep 8 14:52:06 UTC 2006

--- William Uther <willu.mailingLists at cse.unsw.edu.au> wrote:
>    The other idea I like is related to using the 'stop playing'  
> menu.  I don't like having a stop playing menu - it is one more menu  
> I have to go through when stopping - but I can imagine having two  
> different stop commands - 'stop and mark as watched' and 'stop and  
> mark as not watched'.  If you don't have enough remote buttons, then  
> you just leave one unbound - you're no worse off than now.  If you  
> have enough remote buttons, then just hit a different button  
> depending on whether you're coming back or not.
>    To combine the two ideas, have the 'normal stop' button just  
> record the watchedTime as normal, and have the 'Final stop' button  
> set the watchedTime to the program length as well as exiting.

I've been following this thread, but maybe not as closely as I should.  I
wanted to be clear on something, though: this is all just for an ADDITIONAL
autoexpire method, right?

I arrange my priorities carefully and use the "expire by priority" method and
this works really well.  I'd get very upset if my wife watched CSI during the
day but didn't delete it, and then it got autoexpired instead of the 10th
oldest Teletubbies because it hadn't been watched yet.

Also, I'm not crazy about getting rid of the "stop playing" menu.  Some shows I
always want to watch from the beginning (kids shows... never leave a mark),
some shows I always want to watch from a bookmark, and sometimes you're in the
middle of a gripping drama and accidently hit the "exit" button instead of
"info" and need the "keep watching" option to save your butt.  Can you imagine
being configured to not leave a bookmark on exit, then accidently leaving the
recording?  My wife would kill me sometime between when I restarted the
recording and I finally fast forward/jumped back to where I screwed up. 

I guess I'm with Bruce on this one... if you're done watching it, just delete
it.  Of course so long as the new method is optional I don't care 2 licks. 
Live and let live ;)


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