[mythtv] [mythtv-commits] Ticket #2331: mythgame computing bad crc values, all systems, all bad

Greg Estabrooks greg at phaze.org
Thu Sep 7 13:48:18 UTC 2006

>  crc values for the zipped file, and the unzipped file computed using the
>  following perl script crc.pl, which uses an algorithm that (for non NES
>  roms) produces the same values as zlib's crc32 [[BR]]

 We are also using crc32 from libz. In fact I've now tried and so far every 
rom I've tried has matched what zsnes shows.

 Just as a test I ripped the unzipping/crc info routine from mythgame and
stuffed it into it's own standalone app (http://www.phaze.org/mythtv/mythgame/romcrc  OR http://www.phaze.org/mythtv/mythgame/romcrc-0.1.tgz) if you want to 
try it manually. (Not this doesn't take into account the 16 byte NES header at the moment so it's not useful on NES roms)

 As you can see from this screenshot taken from zsnes the zsnes crc matches what the mythgame stuff returns.

greg at blurb:~/roms$ ./romcrc  Super\ Mario\ All\ Stars\ \&\ World\ \(US\).smc
 CRC Value : 0x8089624c 


>for some reason the mythgame browser still does not display the information, but it is in the database

 So when you press "I" or "M" you get the info screen but it doesn't show the CRC?

>but the other fields are all populated with unknown and whatnot, even though the crc and all the data are in romdb, and romdb is populated,

 Can you give me an example CRC of one that is not being found ?

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