[mythtv] [mythtv-commits] Ticket #2320: Add a 'watched' flag to recordings

Stuart Morgan stuart at tase.co.uk
Thu Sep 7 13:18:01 UTC 2006

On Thursday 07 September 2006 13:58, Simon Kenyon wrote:
> sky tv's DVR marks a program as watched if (how can i put this) you
> watch it.
> any of it. it makes not distinction about how much of it you watch.
> maybe use the model from email clients
> if you watch more than a minute, then mark it "watched"

Well I frequently watch parts of a recording to fill time (say before I have 
to go out). Under those circumstances I wouldn't really want it to be marked 
as watched ...

I have given some thought to having a couple of different watched states - 
i.e. started watching, half watched and finished watching

So you might see something like that in the future.
Stuart Morgan

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