[mythtv] UPnP/Dbus/Standard Communication Protocol

Sam Shelton contact at samshelton.co.uk
Thu Sep 7 08:15:49 UTC 2006

Slight misunderstanding I think, I wasn't saying to use UPnP for that, just
that whatever protocol was used to communicate through back end devices
could be used by a UPnP to access the functions it requires. But as it's
covered elsewhere which I wasn't aware of that's a moot point.

As I've said, my interest lies very much in the network protocols. If the
boxes are communicating, requesting database listings, schedules and so on,
then it stands to reason that another device could also access this data if
the protocols were well structured. Can it do this yet? A lot of people are
saying to use telnet, but that is restricted, as far as I can gather, to
controlling the box to which you are connected, and will just control the
OSD. Is it possible using telnet to request a full list of films, or TV
information, in a format that allows an external application to create a
front end? If not, that's where I would be interested in helping out.

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On Wednesday 06 September 2006 7:29 pm, Lincoln Dale wrote:
> hi Sam,
> if you go back thru the mythtv-dev archives, you'll see Isaac's valid
> criticism of uPnP and why he will never consider it for backend/frontend
> communication.
> in short, it is the processing overheads due to free-flowing text (xml)
> that make it unwieldy.

Basically: I don't want to use anything that's heavy to parse, such as xml,
replace the existing backend communication protocol.

Supporting upnp (or whatever else) in addition to the backend protocol (as
current upnp implementation does, which will be in 0.20), is great.

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