[mythtv] Compiling SVN with --arch/--enable-proc-opt (athlon64 CPU w/32bit Fedora)

Nick knowledgejunkie at gmail.com
Wed Sep 6 03:15:18 UTC 2006

On 06/09/06, Darius Hardy <darius at sephs.no-ip.info> wrote:
> Nick wrote:
> > Do I get any benefit (and conversely expect any problems) when using
> > the configure options '-arch=' and '--enable-proc-opt' when using an
> > athlon64 processor with a 32-bit x86 Fedora kernel?
> >
> You may or may not get benefits from basic athlon optimisations, but
> don't expect anything extra from having an athlon64 running a 32bit
> kernel. Only a 64-bit kernel can make use of the extra
> registers/instructions, under a 32-bit kernel the athlon64 looses its
> 64-bit status and it becomes a plain 32-bit processor - albeit with the
> better memory performance.


Many thanks for confirming what I believed was the case - I just hoped
someone more knowledgeable could confirm it. I had people mail me
privately after asking this on the -users list a few weeks back
(though didn't get an answer), so I very much appreciate your answer
here. I'll rebuild with --arch=athlon and --enable-proc-opt from now
on until I move to a 64bit OS.


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