[mythtv] DVB scan for PBS stations on AMC3 failure

Zdzislaw Gorlicki zdzisekg at comcast.net
Mon Sep 4 04:53:25 UTC 2006

it works for me. You need to first define the trensponder and set it as 
ATSC. then you can scan using "existing transponder scan)
Endaf Jones wrote:
> Using SVN of a few days ago (upgraded from 0.19-fixes)
> Scanning for ATSC broadcasts via DVB-S card appear not to be working.
> I get to the scanning dialog, but it stops at 3% and times out with a
> "Timeout Scanning Frequency 12110000 -- no tables".
> Is this because mythtv is expecting DVB tables (becuase I'm using a
> DVB card) but the PBS broadcasts on satellite AMC3 is actually
> broadcasting ATSC instead?
> If so, is the solution to have selectable toggle for ATSC/DVB during scan?

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