[mythtv] "vidiocgcap" error on a new MyhTv installation

Martin Møller martin at martinm-76.dk
Sun Sep 3 17:14:49 UTC 2006

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From: Frank Hui <frankhui at linuxide.org>
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Sent: 3. september 2006 10:34:20 GMT+0100
Subject: [mythtv] "vidiocgcap" error on a new MyhTv installation

MythTV Version : 1.91 (12-Feb-2006)
Error:                    vidiocgcap:: invalid argument
TV-Capture Card:  KWorld Terminator (SAA7134 driver)

I am getting a "vidiocgcap" error on a new MyhTv installation (0.19),
when attempting to watch live TV. Watching live TV using TV-Time and
KDE-TV works without any problems.

2006-08-21 17:03:23.205 Channel(/dev/video0):
InitPictureAttribute(       hue):
VIDIOCGMBUF:: Invalid argument

Any help and pointers would be appreciated. 

Hey Frank.

Could you look at your loaded kernel-modules and check if v4l1-compat is listed? I'm almost 100% sure that it is not. MythTV needs v4l1-compat to use SAA7134 cards while MPlayer and KwinTV for example do not.

If v4l1-compat is not included in your distribution at all, you're probably best off fetching the latest tarball from the linuxtv.org git tree.


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