[mythtv] Problem compiling SVN videoout_directfb.cpp on Debian unstable

Niels den Otter otter at kjoe.net
Sun Sep 3 14:10:40 UTC 2006


I decided to upgrade from 0.19-fixes to 0.20(pre) and ran into the following problem trying to
compile svn source code.

make[2]: Entering directory `/home/mythtv/src/mythtv/svn/mythtv/libs/libmythtv'
videoout_directfb.cpp:188: error: too many initializers for 'const unsigned int [117][2]'
videoout_directfb.cpp:205: error: extra qualification 'DirectfbData::' on member 'DirectfbData'

The error in line 205 seems to occur only when compiling with gcc-4.1. With gcc-4.0 this error is
not mentioned.

The error in line 188 appears to be caused by a difference in the definition of

  QT_KEYS[DIKI_NUMBER_OF_KEYS][2] in videoout_directfb.cpp
  DFBInputDeviceKeyIdentifier in /usr/include/directfb/directfb_keyboard.h

videoout_directfb.cpp uses the following structure:

        {0x1021,0x00},  // Control Right
        {0x1023,0x00},  // ALT Left
        {0x1023,0x00},  // ALT Right
        {0xffff,0x00}, // DIKS_ALTGR  not sure what QT Key is
        {0x1022,0x00},  // META Left
        {0x1022,0x00},  // META Right

while /usr/include/directfb/directfb_keyboard.h uses:

So no mentioning of DISK_ALTGR in this part of the code. Removing this line

        {0xffff,0x00}, // DIKS_ALTGR  not sure what QT Key is

ensures that videoout_directfb.cpp can be compiled again on my system (Debian unstable)

-- Niels

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